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Automatic Driving Lessons Redditch

Have you always wanted to learn to drive in Redditch but have been too afraid to take the plunge because of worries about driving a manual vehicle? The complications of learning how to deal with a gearstick and a clutch puts a lot of people off taking driving lessons, and yet in this day and age, with public transport becoming scarcer and more unaffordable all the time, it couldn’t be more important to pass the driving test and to obtain the independence that comes with being able to travel under your own steam. Now, you won’t need to worry about driving a manual since we offer automatic driving lessons in Redditch.

Enjoy Experienced Automatic Driving Lessons in Redditch

From beginners who are looking forward to getting behind the driving wheel for the first time to drivers who have taken lessons before but were put off by the difficulties associated with driving a manual vehicle, there are many people who would benefit from taking automatic driving lessons in Redditch with our skilled and approachable team of qualified driving instructors. All our highly trained driving instructors are extremely patient and friendly and will ensure you develop complete confidence on the roads.

Automatic driving lessons Redditch

We only employ driving instructors Redditch or have been trained to the best standards and who can provide you with the one to one guidance necessary to make you feel safe and confident when behind the wheel. Thanks to their expert guidance, you will develop all the essential skills to control your automatic vehicle and to get you through your driving test.

Why Have Automatic Driving Lessons Redditch?

While there are a number of driving schools offering automatic driving lessons in Redditch, a surprising number of people still don’t know that they are able to learn to drive in an automatic car. However, for potential drivers who have no interest in ever driving a manual vehicle, taking automatic driving lessons in Redditch is one of the best ways to get a driving licence without any of the stress or worry associated with operating gears.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking automatic driving lessons in Redditch:

  • You’ll feel more confident knowing that you won’t be able to roll back or accidentally stall.
  • You won’t be so distracted as there are no gears or clutch
  • You’ll enjoy concentrating completely on the road ahead
  • You’ll have more time for controlling the car and judging your speed
  • You’ll learn the key skills of driving more speedily as you won’t need to remember how to operate gears or a clutch
  • You’ll feel less tired when driving in town centres where traffic is heaving as you won’t need to constantly change gears
  • You’ll often need fewer lessons, so you won’t have to pay as much

What Kind of People Benefit from Taking Automatic Driving Lessons Redditch?

Around a quarter of all people suffer from stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. If your anxiety issues are preventing you from learning to drive due to your worries about controlling all the elements of a vehicle, taking automatic driving lessons in Redditch is a great way to lessen the mental load while still ensuring that you can obtain a driving licence. Anxious drivers who are worried about stalling in heavy traffic or accidentally rolling into another car on a hill will be reassured when driving an automatic car, and will be able to concentrate fully on controlling their vehicle and watching for hazards on the road ahead. Nervous drivers feel much more confident when taking an automatic car onto the open road, and thanks to the expert guidance of our driving instructors, when you take automatic driving lessons in Redditch, you’ll find that fear of driving is no longer such a problem.

People who have learning difficulties or mobility problems also frequently find that automatic driving lessons in Redditch are the answer to their problems, while drivers who are taking lessons for the first time later in life also prefer to learn in an automatic car.

We know that one of the key things you’re looking for when looking for the best automatic driving lessons Redditch has to offer is affordability, and that’s why we always offer the most competitive prices in the area. We also have a fleet of modern automatic vehicles with dual controls so that you can take your driving lessons in style and complete comfort. Our driving instructors always take a tailored approach with each of their learners, so that whatever your individual requirements and needs, your preferences will be easily accommodated. Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable learning to drive with a female driving instructor? Or perhaps English isn’t your first language and you’d rather learn with someone who speaks your native tongue? This won’t be a problem when you take our automatic driving lessons in Redditch, and there’ll always be one of our CRB cleared instructors ready to help.

Convenience Paired with Outstanding Value

We know the importance of learning to drive, and that’s why our automatic driving lessons in Redditch are great value for money. You can rest assured that all our automatic driving instructors are fully DVSA certified and local to the Redditch area, so you’ll have the advantage of insider knowledge of common test routes in the town. When you compare our prices with those of the big name driving schools you’ll find that they are extremely competitive while offering the same standard of tuition.

We can even fit your driving lessons around your busy schedule, so whether you work to a changing shift pattern, go to school or college or have caring responsibilities, we can accommodate your lifestyle. We can arrange lessons during the day, at the weekend or in the evening to meet your needs, and we won’t charge you a penny more for evening or weekend tuition. Make us your first choice when it comes to taking automatic driving lessons in Redditch and you’ll be hitting the open road in no time!